Now on exhibit in the Fulton Legacy Gallery: Ma Fulton’s FF Ranch


The Fulton Legacy Gallery is dedicated to presenting visitors with the history of Amerind Foundation and its leaders. The gallery includes the personal office of the Amerind’s founder William Shirley Fulton (1880-1964). The current exhibit explores our founding lady Rose Hinkley Hayden Fulton’s (1881-1968) quarter horse operation. By the end of her life, family and friends all called her “Ma Fulton.”


The quarter horse operation was Rose Fulton’s pride and joy. After the Fultons’ purchase of Texas Canyon land, Rose was in residence at the FF Ranch part of the year starting in 1931. The details of the early horse breeding operation are hazy for the 1930s. Certainly by 1940, the FF horses were already taking awards at local shows. Her first ranch manager was Archie Durham. When Archie left the ranch to pursue another career, Rose hired his brother-in-law Frank Owenby. The Fulton-Owenby team was noted for their quality horses, taking trophies and ribbons all over Arizona, as well as New Mexico, Texas, and California.

Rose played a critical role in the community of horse breeders.  She was on hand for the establishment of the Arizona Quarter Horse Breeders Association. At the time of her death, she was one of only two people in that organization to hold a lifetime membership. She took Breeders trophies home as well, and displayed all of the FF’s many awards and ribbons proudly in her home. After her passing, the FF horse operation shut down. The legacy of their horses is passed on through the line of quarter horses to this day.