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Rolling Reels Film Viewing of Geronimo: An American Legend

September 2, 2017 at 7:30 pm

Free Admission

Rated PG-13


Get ready for a fun-filled summer evening at the Amerind Museum in Dragoon during the Loft Cinema's Rolling Reels series! Saturday, September 2, beginning at 4:00 pm Amerind will offer free admission to the museum, with extended hours until 7:30 pm. Then grab a chair and a free bag of popcorn to settle in for an outdoor viewing of the movie Geronimo: An American Legend. At 7:30 pm, Dr. Amy Fatzinger will introduce the movie, staring Jason Patric, Robert Duvall, Gene Hackman and Wes Studi. Come to Amerind for this memorable summer evening under the stars.

Amerind will provide folding chairs, but it is recommended you bring a cozy chair from home
You may want to bring a flashlight to increase nighttime visibility
This is a family event and alcohol is not permitted
Museum admission will be FREE for all guests from 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Viewing the film and a limited supply of popcorn will be FREE

This screening will take place outdoors on the Amerind Foundation, 2100 N. Amerind Road, Dragoon, AZ, 85609. Please bring your own seating. Featuring an introduction by Dr. Amy Fatzinger, professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Arizona.

This screening is part of The Loft Cinema’s Rolling Reels series, a community-building program that takes carefully curated films for free screenings in underserved rural areas, providing a unique cultural experience. The movies will travel across Southern Arizona in The Loft Solar Cinema, a van outfitted with solar panels that will power a 20-foot inflatable screen and state-of-the-art mobile projection system. Made possible by a grant from Arizona Humanities. Special thanks to our community partner for this screening, the Amerind Foundation.

An American legend comes to breathtaking life in this explosive epic Western starring Jason Patric, Robert Duvall, Gene Hackman and Wes Studi. Geronimo: An American Legend, directed by Walter Hill (The Warriors) from a screenplay co-written by John Millius (Apocalypse Now), offers a revisionist perspective on the “Geronimo Campaign” and how Geronimo, with 34 men, managed to elude thousands of U.S. cavalry men between 1885 and 1886 before his surrender at the Canyon of the Skeletons in September 1886. Following the expansion of the United States into the Southwest, the Apache Indians are forced onto a reservation to live out their lives as corn farmers. While many resign themselves to this fate, several Apache, including Geronimo (Studi), refuse to go quietly. Hoping to quell a major rebellion, General Charles Crook (Hackman) dispatches over 5,000 U.S. Cavalry soldiers, led by Lieutenant Charles Gatewood (Patric), to hunt down Geronimo and his men. Also pursued by a grizzled Army scout (Duvall) and a gung-ho West Point graduate (Damon), Geronimo evades capture through brilliant military strategy and cutthroat courage. His true story is both an action adventure and a spiritual journey through the heart of a warrior. (Dir. by Walter Hill, 1993, USA, 115 mins., Rated PG-13)


Mobile Photography Workshop with Bill Steen

September 9-10, 2017

 Learn to use your mobile phone to take and edit stunning photographs using fun and simple techniques. Your mobile phone can be one the most inspiring, capable, and fun imagining systems in all of photography. Join highly regarded borderlands photographer Bill Steen for a two-day workshop at Amerind to examine the power and sophistication of the mobile phone camera. This overnight workshop will provide the opportunity to take sunset and sunrise photos of picturesque Texas Canyon.

When: Saturday-Sunday, September 9-10, 2017

Where: Amerind Museum Campus

Program Options: $380 per member includes meals and lodging, double occupancy.

$420 per member includes meals and lodging, single occupancy.

$180 per member, includes lunches, but not overnight lodging.

There are only 20 spaces available in the workshop, with a limited number of rooms for overnight guests. Contact Amerind at 520.586.3666 or amerind@amerind.org to register.



Paquimé and Mata OrtizTour

September 25-28, 2017





Join us as we explore one of the archaeological gems of the international borderlands and its inspiration for a modern spectacular artistic ceramic tradition. Paquimé (also known as Casas Grandes) in northwestern Chihuahua was a unique center that influenced hundreds of communities south and north of the border. The Amerind Foundation’s excavations revealed over a ton of shell, the remains of hundreds of parrots, hundreds of pieces of copper, as well as other rare and exotic goods, which reflect this community’s wealth and power. The massive, multistory room blocks, ceremonial mounds, and ball courts further attest to Paquime’s grandeur. We will not only visit this UNESCO World Heritage site, but we will also view the artifacts at the site’s museum. Paquimé was the center, but there are hundreds of other villages and hamlets in the surrounding area. We will make a visit to Cueva de la Olla in the Sierra Madres. This site has one of the last surviving large crop silos dating to the time of Paquimé.


The ancient potters of the Casas Grandes tradition inspired a modern ceramic revival in Mata Ortiz, a small town south of Paquimé, with hundreds of potters. In addition to visiting potters and viewing a pottery firing, there will be ample opportunity to purchase ceramics.

The Casas Grandes region is more than Paquimé and Mata Ortiz. We will also pass through and learn about the last two Mormon towns in northern Mexico, see the Mennonite colonies, and sample the local cuisine.

Our tour leaders:

Paul E. Minnis (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a professor emeritus of anthropology at the University of Oklahoma.  He conducts research on the prehispanic ethnobotany and archaeology of the U.S. Southwest and northwest Mexico.  He has co-directed research projects on Casas Grandes/Paquimé in northwest Chihuahua beginning in 1989.   He is the author or editor of twelve books and numerous articles. He is a past president of the Society of Ethnobiology, treasurer and press editor for the Society for American Archaeology, and co-founder of the Southwest Symposium.


Patricia Gilman (Ph.D., University of New Mexico) has done archaeological field work and research in the Mimbres region of southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona for more than 40 years.  Her initial research interests were architecture and the transition that ancient people made from living in pithouses to inhabiting pueblos.  Recently, Dr. Gilman and her colleagues have been investigating two topics – Mimbres chronometrics and the scarlet macaws at Mimbres sites.  She has published on both of these research topics as well as on social variations within the Mimbres region, Mogollon Great Kivas, and Mimbres iconography and religion.  She is co-editor of the book, Mimbres Society and co-author of the upcoming volume entitled Mimbres Life and Society: The Mattocks Site of Southwestern New Mexico.  Dr. Gilman recently retired from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma where she taught for 25 years and chaired the department for 10.



Members: $2,175 (double occupancy, single supplement of $225 required for solo travelers)

Non-members: $2,475 (double occupancy, single supplement of $225 required for solo travelers)

A nonrefundable, $200 deposit is due upon registration. The nonrefundable full payment is due by August 25, 2017.

The tour is limited to 16 people, so you are encouraged to sign up early. Contact Amerind at 520.586.3666 or amerind@amerind.org to register or for more information.





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